Good morning

Our new addition, little "Max" is a true sweetheart. He is getting along well with the entire family.

He plays a great deal with our resident cat. The two seem to almost always be together.  

Thank you,



Maxwell and Dinky

Hi Honey,

Just want to tell you how much I love Dinky. For anyone who questions Honey's ability to raise the best cats ever, look at the pictures.

My older cat, Maxwell, I bought from Honey 17 years ago Her cats have the most wonderful loving personalities.


Hello Honey,

I hope all is well with you. I finally have a chance to take a nice picture of the princess. I love her dearly and she is grown so much. Thank you for letting me have her.

She is a well adjusted sweet loving kitty that gets along with a 10-year-old Labrador retriever, a 19-year-old chocolate point Siamese, and a 10-year-old chocolate points Siamese who are both males.  

She got along with all the animals since the first day she came to my house. Here she is in princess stance. So lovely, so very cuddly. Thank you again for my beauty.





Hi Honey,

Thought you'd like to see a picture of the kitten I purchased from you a year ago in November. Merlin is a delightful, clever cat full of personality. Honestly, I've never had a cat quite like him, perhaps it was being raised with dogs!

Anyway, we are delighted and Lewis our other cat not only tolerates him but has a new spring in his step, especially when being chased.

Thank you.


Hi Honey

It’s Mia and Chloe look how big we are. We are sleeping buddies but we need a bigger bed

We are fine and all around 10lbs now.

Hope all is fine with you I check your website regularly and notice you have some new cats.all beautiful

Take care,


Mia & Chloe


Hi Hony

Miel is just amazing! I clipped his nails tonight - back and front - he purrs, kneads, plays HARD with Aileron, eats with the others, loves to be held, chirps and talks a lot and sleeps on the cat tree and the bed.

I expect nothing less from one of yours. Our floofy guy is the lilac point.


Kim, Marco and Jillian

The night we took him home he fell asleep two times- once by my side and the other on my wife's pillow.

The next day he was running around and playing with the toys as well.

He has full access of the house but he tends to follow one of us around. He is very playful.




Hi Honey!

I wanted to share that the kitten I adopted from you back in the beginning of March is doing so well! His name is Monkey because he loves to climb on my shoulder. He loves to play fetch and is very cuddly,

I always wake up with him sleeping on my cheek! He was neutered a few weeks back and is completely healthy and growing every day.

Just wanted to thank you for breeding and taking care of him, he's the kitten of my dreams!


Hello Honey,

Just wanted you to see a recent picture of Moon.  She has grown into an exceptional young lady. 

We really love her to death and she is our baby Lilac Point.  Happy Holiday's from Moon and the rest of the Pearson family. 

She is THE sweetest Siamese cat I have ever had the pleasure of being owned by.




Dear Honey,

Just writing to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  

Our little, but fast growing Mozart is a delight, and he quickly became a member of the family.  He is bright, cuddly, and lively, all wrapped into one delightful personality.  

Thank you so much for the wonderful way you prepared him to be with us. (A little over a week ago, “Mozi” weighed 5 lb 3 oz.).

Be well,

Betsey and Skip  

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