Hi Honey,

We came home, I took my newest child out of the box and acquainted him with the litter pan and gave him food and water.

He came on the bed and we slept all night.

My grandson went in this morning and he came right out to him...he LOVES him...and they will be great friends...thanks so much...just wanted you to know he had a good night and i believe we are on our way to a wonderful relationship.  




Hi Honey,

Happy birthday to my boy !! Hope you’re feeling well ! Just wanted to share a picture of Simba!
We love him so much !!!



I just thought you would want to see the latest pictures of Simon with his friend, Toby.

Simon has grown a lot since we took him home with us and everyone thinks he's the cutest. He puts up with a lot of hugging without complaining too much and he talks a blue streak!

Marcia & Walter

Toby and Simon


Dear Honey:

Skipper is such a joy and I love him so much! He is now 9 months old and I am so glad to have him in my life. He is truly a little character that demands all of my attention. Sometimes he even behaves like a puppy with his fetching skills and licking of my shoulder. He is extremely affectionate and loving. He loves to be picked up and given lots of kisses and to sleep closely by my side every night.

I never had cats in my life and now I cannot believe what I was missing all of those years. Skipper is a beautiful addition to my life and family.

Thank you for breeding such an incredible little creature.



Just took this picture 10 minutes ago. Nap time!! He has adjusted really well.

He is a very loving little kitten and has tons of energy.

He has been eating and drinking and doing his duties in the litter box. He is enjoying playing with the toys and his condo scratch posts.

Will send more pics…

Jeff and Suzy



Hi Hony

Well it's been 2 weeks and Stella now rules the house as you can see in the picture.   She is wonderful!!! 

You were right,  she sleeps in the bed under the covers and has to be touching you.  Stella loves my 3 year old grandson Sam.  He will sit on the floor with her and roll a ball for her to chase.  Will keep in touch.


Dear Honey,

Sterling is nearly full grown and truly a joy.  He has taken on extremely well with our older seal point male, Knobbie.  Knobbie has turned somewhat "motherly" to Sterling and always keeps an eye on our new little devil.  It always seems they are either snuggled up together somewhere having a nap or chasing each other frantically about the house. Sterling's eyes continue to be as bright blue as ever, and he seems to be a real fan of burrowing under our bed covers to hide and sleep. 

He has little fear of water and always darts into our shower when we are done to play with the puddles that are left.  We must say that we are extremely glad we picked him and he has really proven to be a great companion to Knobbie.

My wife and I are thinking about getting a chocolate or lilac male in the future (as you said, we have to pick different colors to tell them all apart Thanks again,

Brian & Tamara



Dear Honey,

Tassie is a holy terror. It seems that as each new day dawns she gets more secure and brazen. She is not only the most lovable cat I have ever seen, and I have had about 20 over the years but she is the craziest. Other than when she cuddles up with Tracey or me, she is constantly on the move and being very loud.

She loves to play with her things. She hops in all directions. She is also as smart as they come.

She is a joy, Sunday, she was up at 6, and insisted on waking me up by jumping all over me and talking up a storm.


Hi Honey,

As promised, I am attaching a photo of our new baby, Teebo and our 10 year old siamese, Desi.  We are so thrilled with this new addition to our family.  He is the sweetest, loving and most beautiful kitten ever.  He adjusted immediately to our household and is quite a joy.  As you can see, it didn't take Desi and him long to become best buddies.  Desi now seems rejuvinated and acts like a kitten himself!  Even our adult children are quite smitten and play with him for hours. 

I can't thank you enough for raising the most amazing kittens and for all the support you have given us.  We can't wait to come back to you for another one!


Pam & Vito

Teebo & Desi


Hi Honey,

Hope this email finds you well.  Just thought I'd send you an updated picture of TeeBo so you can see what a gorgeous cat he is. 

He is growing soooo fast but I'm not surprised with his tremendous appetite.  He is a delight to have in our family and his personality is beautiful. 

He is the most affectionate, lovable and intelligent boy.  I can't gush enough about him.  He fits in so perfectly that it seems he was born to be ours.  He gets along famously with our Chihuahua - they have wrestling matches several times a day - and he takes good care of our 10 year old lilac point boy who now acts like a kitten himself.


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