Hello Honey,

Just a quick note to let you know that the boys are doing very well in their new home after little over a month!  They seem to have take over the run of the house . 

We're still overjoyed at having them join our house and hope they continue to make us laugh as much as they have these past few weeks. Right now they decided to camp out on my lap while I type this note to you.

Toby, Hershey and Sterling (our blue point from last year) all together on our bed.  Sterling's coat has darkened much in the last few weeks and he is showing his beautiful blue colorings - he reminds us so much of his related blues that you showed us.  

Brian and Tamara

Sterling,Toby & Hershey


Hi Honey,

I want to thank you for breeding such a beautiful, healthy and sweet cat.  Tristan is loved by everyone that meets him.  My vet who specializes in cats says every time she sees him that she wants another cat because of his personality and good looks. 

Tristan loves to fetch, it is his favorite thing to do.  He loves his big sister Cheyenne, an eight year old silver abby.  Tristan is my shadow.  He absolutely loves our Christmas tree he climbs it like the passengers did in the Poseidon Adventure and sits in the middle of the tree.  He will watch me cook from atop of our refrigerator,  He loves having his teeth brushed.  He is very healthy and so affecionate.  He is always purring.  Thank you so much for breeding such a sweet boy


Hello Honey,

Jezebel Blue is doing fantastic with her brother Boojo who will be two in January and her sister Winifred who is 4.

They took over the spare bedroom and little Jezebel Blue is loved ... Thank you so much again for the third time to have this little angel…

Dawn & Mike

Winifred,Jezebel & Boojo


Dear Honey:

My cats are so happy with their new sister that they never find time for me anymore...Honey you’re a great Breeder.

I cant even tell you how wonderful she is...Smart and knows she is running this house rightnow...Nothing but smiles and Joy... thank you Again for the wonderful Baby ..


Dear Honey,

Thank you so much for giving us our little girl.

She is a very loving little kitten and has tons of energy.

We named her Winter. She is the sweetest girl ever. She loves her parents, to sleep under the cover, her crinkle balls and chin scratches. She has the best personality we have ever seen in a cat. She receives so much love and has made many friends both human and animal.

We adore her and couldn't imagine our lives without her. 


Tiffany and Ben



Hi Honey

Just wanted to send you a picture of our little guy.  This is him the 2nd night..  It didn’t him long to be best friends with our other cat.



I wanted to tell you how awesome the Kittens/Cats are doing. We named them Opal and Jade.

Here is a picture of them relaxing



Jade & Opal


Dear Honey,

This is my cat Nikko. We have had him since he was 6 months old. Of course I never saw him at that age because I am younger than him. Nikko has always been there for me my whole life.

He always comes when I call him and is a very special cat to me he is not even a cat. He is like my big brother. Nikko is the best cat ever. Thanks to Mrs.Walker my cat is very well behaved and has a great personality.

Thank you very much for such a great cat!!


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