Hi Honey,

As you can tell he is right at home here! Mornings have become hazardous around here as both Simon and Abraham try to beat us down the stairs by tackling our feet! lol!  

We are soooo pleased that you allowed us to adopt him. He can be so laid back one moment and the next under your feet wanting ALL your attention.. 

He is such a clown! Our vet laughs and says "Simon and Abraham they sound like two old men that should be sitting on a park bench some where, not two siamese cats!" Simon is as in love with Abe as we are! They sleep snuggled up together. Simon acts like he is Abrahams father. It is so funny to watch them interact! thanks again we love him!  



Aileron        Miel

Hi Honey,

They are crazily affectionate, all over all of us, not skittish or shy at all. A constantly purring mush (our cat sitter calls them “Motorin’).

One of us is always carrying one of them around or sleeping with one of them. They are amazing!!!

I expected nothing less.

Kim, Marco and Jillian

Hi Honey,

I bought a chocolate point from you in 2013.

Her name is Akina now, she is 5 years old now :)   




Hi Honey,

Tomorrow is Anna's six month birthday.

She is doing beautifully. My vet loves her. She would eat all day if I let her. Take care and hope we can get a little boy down the road.

Thanks for a sweetheart,



Their personalities become more wonderful every passing week. They bring us so much joy with their antics.

They jump quite high, and I am amazed to find them atop furniture 6 feet high, We really love them so much.

Tricia & Peter

Anna                 Alice


Hi Honey

That’s Aria! Super sweet, but such a schemer.



Hi Honey

This little girl is one handful and every bit of a delight! Sweet, adventurous, outgoing, fantastic appetite and just a lovely cat to be around! I know why this is cat number six. You have outdone yourself.

She is in love with Lexus and Thor protects her! She the best combination of all your breeding. She's actually the easiest kitten I've ever had. I'm so glad we found each other! Thanks so much for breeding her.



Athena Pashmina

Hi Honey,

We just wanted to update you on our little blue girl.

This Saturday will mark one year since Athena Pashmina has come to live with us.

She is a very happy girl and talks ALL the time! She is such a joy. We thought you’d like to see how her markings have changed in the year.


Cyndy and Al

Dear Honey,

Thank you for making our girls so wonderful.  We could not be more delighted with our 2 little darlings, Crystal "Blue Eyes" and Baci.

They bring us constant laughter, fun and joy.

Maria and John

Baci Crystal


Hi Honey,

Bailey is still a great joy--a year-old now.  He's quite a conversationalist with dozens of voices and sounds.  He makes me laugh constantly--making the bed takes an extra 10 minutes for laughing at his antics.

He thinks he can fly, doing acrobatic routines, scaling the highest spaces in the house and once jumping over the glass shower doors into my shower.  Boy were we both surprised!

I'm a writing teacher and his personality has become well-know to my students through modeled lessons.  All the kids think he's the greatest!  They love to look at his pictures, hear the stories, and tell me their pet tales.


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