Please know that we are very very satisfied customers, you breed wonderful, loving, happy, healthy cats.  Both Byron and Gabby have adjusted beautifully to our home. Byron as you predicted is our love-bug – he asks to be picked up and hugged.  His favorite game is “catch the mouse toy” – he will jump up, catch the small mouse toy and bring in back to us – so very smart.  Gabby is our talker and she is well on her way to becoming the alpha cat in the house.  She is a feisty, affectionate, daring, lovable little princess.

Honey, if anyone is ever looking for a recommendation for Mi Cattery – have them call us.


Byron & Gabby


As you can see the kitten is as cute as ever. The kids named him Calvin and he is smart, sweet, loving, playful, and a wonderful addition to our family.

My daughter has an instagram account for him you can follow him at Calvin.sherry

Thank you for giving us such happiness.

Jennifer Family

Hi Honey

Honey, as always, we are beyond grateful to you for bringing these wonderful cats into the world and our lives.

Not the greatest picture, but neither one felt like cooperating


Casey and Cody

Clay and Cash

Hi Honey

Hope all is well. Wanted to send you a quick pic of the boys. Cash (bigger one) is acclimating well and Clay (smaller one) is starting to come around

He seems to have most energy when he plays with his brother.


Hi Honey,

It's been just over a month since I have gotten my new kitten (Katniss) and I couldn't be happier with her. 

She has settled into my house and gets along with my other Siamese (Casper) that I got from you a couple years ago wonderfully. 

You truly do breed wonderful cats and I am happy to have them in my life, greeting me at the door when I come home from work, snuggling with me while I watch tv and sleeping with me at night. 


Casper and Katniss

Cello and Gino

Dear Honey:

Here are the two peas in a pod! They just love each other.

Gino will be two on May 23rd and Cello 4 on July 4th.

We are thinking of you!

Best regards,


Here is a photo of Chloe.

Hope you enjoy. She means the world to us. Thank you so much.

We will be in touch



Cinnamon , Casper and Toby

Hello Honey

Cinnamon and Casper are getting so big and Toby loves his new babys

Thank you


Hi Honey,

We have little "Count Chocula" home and he is already acclimating to his new home. He's a boy on the go - one with our other kitten Diablo. Will continue to keep you updated - as you can see, he's using his litter box like a good little boy! He's so cute!

Thanks so much, he's wonderful!


Count Chocula


Hi Honey

He is great, I named him Creed.

As I am writing you both of them are laying on me


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