Dear Honey:

We are looking forward to the warm weather and hope all is well with you.

I am attaching a picture of Gino, who just 9 months old and another of Cello 2.5 years old. They are a delight and as you can see both are gorgeous.

  Gino definitely is a lover, he adores to be carried and kissed.  He purrs all the time and Cello sometimes gets jealous even though Gino can do no wrong, even when he is being mischievous. Enjoy the pictures and have a nice evening.

  Best to all.
Warmest regards,



Honey & Clover

Hi Honey,

Honey & Clover have come into their own and we are one happy family! She is the leader, they have the run of the house, come when called and greet anyone who visits.

Many times they play with people through the glass door and it has been great for their socialization. We are in love and expect many years of good times together, thank you...

Craig & Joe


Just wanted to let you know that Isaiah is doing very well. 

He's very happy & loving & adores all the attention he's been getting.   

Hope all is well with you

Best Regards,
Liz & Matt



Hi Honey.

I hope to be taking better pics of her next time, but just as you said, she wont stay still one minute!!!

Hope all is well,



I've been meaning to write to you for ages now.  Just wanted to give you an update on Jethro.  He truly is one of a kind....we love him so much.  He has so much personality and so playful and lovable.  Loves his catnip mice and rubber balls. 

He's taught us (yes, he taught us!) to play fetch - his favorite game, next to climbing into empty boxes! 

Thanks again…

Ann and Jay


Yoda & Kasha

Hi Honey

I am attaching a pictures of Kasha and her uncle Yoda that my mom got from you in 1998. 

She was spayed last week, and she is turning more and more brown by the day! 

Thanks so much for such a wonderful kitten - she is loving and playful. she loves to curl up and go to sleep on my lap or on my face. she really is the most lovable creature I have ever met!


This photo includes the Siamese I got from you last year. That is the third cat I have purchased from you.

On the far left is Katniss, in the middle is Peanut and far right is Casper.

They've grown up to be wonderful cats.


Katniss, Peanut & Casper


Hi Honey,

Thought I'd shoot you a quick email, my kitten I picked up on Tuesday (now named Katniss) is doing wonderfully, her and my other Siamese (Casper) I got from you a year ago are getting along famously, chasing and playing all day, I've already caught them snuggling together. 

Thank you for breeding such wonderful loving cats I can't wait to have them around for many years to come.  


Hi Honey!

Leo is the best friend I could ever have asked for. He is so good. He recently was neutered and has been brought up to speed with all his shots. He is happy, heatlhy and so affectionate and playful. 

Thank you again for doing such a great job with him.

Please let me know if your have any seal point kittens available soon. I would like to get Leo a Siamese twin sister! :)

Dr David



Hi Honey,

I thought you would like to see a picture of Lilly. She is now 5months old.

She weighs about 6lbs already and has a ferocious appetite.

She is a handful, getting into everything, however she is a joy, very playful and she is so in love with Billy, our other cat.


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