Hi Honey

Lilly is doing very well she has put on weight as you can see you were right.

They are sleeping together they really love each other she's a tough little girl she starts with him and then runs away



Little Sparrow

Hi Honey,

We are really loving our seal Siamese. we named him Little Sparrow.

He is quite the character.... 

There's never a dull moment!

We sure love him.


Hi Honey! 

Hope this email finds you well?  Attached are some photos of our two beautiful kittens.  . Thanks again

We LOVE them both very much.  Enjoy your day and feel better. 

Mike and Marie

Lola & Raine


Hi Honey.

Louie is such a sweet cat, and he's beautiful :).

He's my baby of my group.  Always in my lap, kinda reminds me of your cats. Hiccup isn't as cuddly, but he talks a lot. Lol.


Hi Honey,

I wanted to say hi, see how you're doing.

Louie is such a sweet cat, and he's beautiful :) he's my baby of my group.  Always in my lap, kinda reminds me of your Ladybug.




Hi Honey,

Little Kwanji is settling in.

She and my other Siamese are starting to become friends…

My lab Bean on the other hand strikes terror in her. She seems happy to keep a gate between them for now.

I'm sure as she gets bigger he won't look so scary!


Hello Honey,

I wanted to fill you in on my darling Magellan.  She turns 6 this week and she is absolutely fabulous and loved by all that meet her.  While Sonya and Major were key in her conception, you gave her magnificent tools to become the cat she is today.

She thinks she is ready for a sibling and has asked for a baby brother this spring.

Here is a recent picture for you, and I hope to be able to add to our family sometime soon with a blessing from your home.

Best regards,



Miss Lilly

Hi Honey!

I wanted to let you know that little Miss Lily is doing awesome! 

She is so much fun, so alert, affectionate and such a fantastic addition to our home. 

My kids adore her and she is just the sweetest thing ever. 

I adore her too!  She is great! 

Thanks again for giving us such an amazing pet. 


Hello Honey, 

Here is our Winnie a month away from two years old.   

My beautiful girl! 

Thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful girl...

Dawn and Michael


Hello Honey,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these pictures to you. I'm not very good at taking pictures and Charlie moves so fast!

We couldn't be happier!


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