This is Lila who we purchased from you two years ago. She is full of personality and very loving. Lila and our dog Sassy are best friends. Our family cant go a day without her.




Just wanted to thank you for bringing our Siamese baby into our lives.

Mickey is the sweetest and most beautiful boy we've ever had and we love him so much!

Can't believe 4 years have gone by so quickly!


Hi Honey,

I wanted to send you a few pictures of Stormy and also tell you how incredible our little man is! 

Stormy is just the love of our lives and the lives of anyone who meets him!  He greets us at the door everyday and loves to be with people. 

Stormy will fetch for hours on end, its his favorite past time along with playing with his best friend "Blue" my other Siamese. 

Stormy is everything we could of asked for and much much more. 

Thank you for bringing us such joy!




Hope this email find you well. Just thought I'd send you an update picture of TeeBo so you can see what a gorgeous cat he is. He is growing soooo fast but I'm not surprised with his tremendous appetite.

He is a delight to have in our family and his personality is beautiful. He is the most affectionate lovable and intelligent boy. I can't gush enough about him. He fits in so perfectly that it seems he was born to be ours.

He gets along famously with our Chihuahua - the have wrestling matches several times a day - and he takes good care of our 10 year old lilan point boy who now acts like a kitten himself.


Tristan loves to fetch, it is his favorite thing to do.  He loves his big sister Cheyenne, an eight year old silver Tabby. 

Tristan is my shadow.  He absolutely loves our Christmas tree he climbs it like the passengers did in the Poseidon Adventure and sits in the middle of the tree.  

He will watch me cook from atop of our refrigerator,  He loves having his teeth brushed.  He is very healthy and so affectionate.  He is always purring. 

Thank you so much for breeding such a sweet boy.  He can be naughty at times but cant we all. 

I want to thank you for breeding such a beautiful, healthy and sweet cat. 

Tristan is loved by everyone that meets him. 

My vet who specializes in cats says every time she sees him that she wants another cat because of his personality and good looks. 

Thank you so much!!!! and Happy Holidays to you and your family. 



Money can't buy happiness but it can buy the most adorable, lovable thing I've ever seen.

Tuesday has been with us for one month and has virtually changed our lives.

I am a self professed DOG lover, who frowned at cats. But she has changed our lives!!

Love at first sight is an understatement




Our Beautiful girl is 14 months and so smart..

She has us smiling every single day.

Thank you Honey for our Girl.

Mike and Dawn

Hi Honey,

The look of pure bliss!

Binx is totally happy and healthy and enjoying his new home. He goes between very playful and very sleepy like any other baby.

He eats well and is a great litter box user!

You should be a proud mom!



Ty Ming and Bo Jangles

Hi Honey,

This is Bo and Ty posing for the camera like they always do.

These guys are full of energy and have awesome personalities and thanks to you, they're mine :)

I got them from you a little under 2 years ago..they will be 2 years old on March 31st

Thank you…
Thanks for another cherished member of our family!


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