Buddy is perfect.  He is still having a blast with that same starlight mint wrapper that excited him the day I brought him home.  He has a great appetite, loves his meals.  And continues to sleep next to me every single night.

He's very affectionate and I love him tremendously, and so does John (but the fact is, John is jealous that Buddy loves me more!!!)

Thank you so much for this little guy - he is, without a doubt, the right kitten for me, and I'm very, very happy with him.  He was worth waiting for.

He is a blast and, once again, I got the best cat ever.  He's perfect.  

Buddy is sitting atop my laundry pile, just enjoying a quiet moment.

All the best,



Isn't she gorgeous.

What else can I say.


Well, we’ve had El Bandito (as he is now affectionately known) for nearly a year…which seems almost impossible! The time has flown.

He is just the sweetest, smartest and most loving cat. He’s very social and loves everyone he comes in contact with. He’s developed that obsession with running water that most of your cats seem to have.

It is very funny.

Ann and Jay

El Bandito


It's been almost one year since I started to live with one of your kittens!

I remember that Eve's name was Baby blue before I took her.

She is doing great!

She plays, eats fine.

I wanted to ask you about this though.

So my question.... I thought all cats go crazy with catnips???

But Eve never gets excited with cat nips haha

Anyways sorry for contacting you sort of late, but I’m glad that I went to right place to get my sweetie cat!


I'm sorry I never got to send you a picture of the kitten my mother and I bought from you in February (I think?) I decided to name her Eve instead of Alice, and everyone calls her Evie.

She's a little terror, and she's spoiled, but she's a sweetheart and she's my baby. she's grown and come so far, and she's best friends with my Yorkie, Mia. They cuddle, play, and sometimes I'll catch her cleaning Mia's fur.

She has a habit of stealing my sisters' and brother's clothes and hiding them under my bed, and I get yelled at for it, hehe.

I love her so much, she's my pride and joy, and if I was ever to get another Siamese, it would be from you, thank you so much!!



Figaro & Susanna

We hope all is well with you.

Just wanted to let you know that we love our kittens, Figaro (on the left) and Susanna.  They are both totally devoted to each other, but find enough time in their day for us.  They both add so much happiness to our home.

They have taken over everything as their own, including us.  Both are demanding lap cats.

We love it.

Thanks for all,
Chris Bishop and Joan

Here are the two peas in a pod! They just love each other.

Gino will be two on May 23rd and Cello 4 on July 4th.

Have a great weekend.

We are thinkinf of you!

Best regards,

Gino & Cello


Our kitten has settled beautifully.

He thinks he's in charge which the other cats find very amusing.

My Tonkinese is crazy about him and the feeling appears to be mutual.

Thank you so much for this joyful addition to our household


Thought I'd shoot you a quick email, my kitten who I picked up on Tuesday (now named Katniss) is doing wonderfully.

She and my other Siamese (Casper) which I got from you a year ago are getting along famously, chasing and playing all day. I've already caught them snuggling together.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful loving cats I can't wait to have them around for many years to come.




Luna is such a sweeeeeet kitten. She is already adjusting well and making friends with Zuma!

Thanks for another cherished member of our family!


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