It has been two weeks that Alice and Anna have come to live with us, and they are doing so well. I thought I would send you pictures of them two weeks older.

We love them. They are so much fun to watch wrestle and romp with each other. Hearty appetites! They have their vet appointment Sunday and I cannot wait to introduce them to Dr. Mansfield. She had a Siamese herself so I’m sure she will appreciate their beauty.


Anna & Alice


Well, it’s been just over three months with our little Bandit and, I have to say, we are just completely in love.

He is super smart, super fast(!) and oh so affectionate. We are having an absolute ball with him.

Thanks again for everything!
Ann and Jay

My mother bought two cats from you last spring of 2010, one for her and one for me after my Siamese cat from another breeder died.

They are sisters-Jasmine & Bella. They are so cute together, very connected and attached. Every time they see each other they remember who they are.




Just thought I would share a couple pictures of Casper, the kitten I got from you last Nov, as he as just celebrated his first birthday earlier this month.

He is quite the lovable, snuggly mush that follows me everywhere and sleeps with me every night a truly wonderful cat.


Another picture of Gino & Cello as always inseparable! He will be with us only a month this week and it seems he has been around for a year.

He knows the whole house, hiding places and our habits. Completely adapted to our way of living. He is absolutely adorable.

They just adore each other.

Have a great evening.


Cello & Gino

Leon & Sophia

I am attaching pictures of my cats Sophia and Leon. I picked them up in October of 2010 and they turned 1 years old in August.

We are crazy about them. They are stunning Siamese and everyone they meet can't take there eyes off of them. They have very interesting personalities and while they are brother and sister they couldn't be more different.

My cats came from Major and Ching A Ling.

Warm regards,

Just wanted you to know that Moon is doing quite well. I call her my white daughter. She is spoiled, and she prefers dry food over wet. Moon prefers human company over cat company, so she will sleep with my other Siamese Blue only when everyone else is not available. She likes to sleep with me more than anyone. Moon is very talkative – she whines and complains about every-thing. She tells on my sons if she doesn’t like something they did. A conversation will go like this:

Moon Meowing in the bathroom doorway telling on my oldest son.
Me: Kyle did you put Moon out of your room?
Kyle: No, she walked out!
Me: That’s not what she’s saying!
Kyle: “That’s cause Moon’s always making stuff up! Whatever ma!”



Pixie & Eva Valetina

It has been a year since I got Eva Valentina & she is everything that I wanted than some.

Such a beautiful cat but all purrsonality.

The picture speaks for it self Eva Valentina loves Pixie so much. A year later & they can't get enough of each other.

Thanx again for such a beautiful cat.

We are so happy with Bling and Trinket.

You breed such great cats. At times, Bling is a great big brother (they have the same mom, Lulah).

Sometimes he shows his jealous side, but Trinket takes it in strides.

She is a feisty little kitten... and she loves to play.

Andrea & Jenneh

Trinket & Bling


She is so wonderful and yes we are so lucky to have her!!!

Boris and Tulla still want nothing to do with her but they don’t bother her just hiss and walk away, Winnie hisses right back and stands her ground. In time they will all like each other.

I will send more pictures of her, Right now she is cuddled up with my son on his bed. she has been playing since 5am....

Thank you again Honey!

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