Just want to say how much I love Velcro and Casey. They are the most awesome cats one could ever have. I call them "cat-dogs". Their personalities are like dogs. Meaning...they greet you at the door.....even strangers.....they have no fear. My daughter actually puts them in a doll stroller and walks around the house with them. I have an 8yr old....and her friends come over and they are right in the thick of things. I can't wait to pick up my new kitten next week. I was considering one of those fluffy kitten with the smushed in faces ....cause I think they are so cute. But I could not get a kitten from anyone but you Honey. You breed such awesome cats.


Casey & Velcro


Attached please find a photo of Cello. I am happy to report that he is very healthy and growing rapidly.

We want to wish you and your family a Very Happy & Healthy holiday season.

I want to express my thanks for all your help and advice in these past months.

Our very best to all.
Cello, JD, Mary & Louis

It's now been a month since bringing those two darlings home and we just want you to know how amazing they are and how much fun we're having with them. Both kittens are extremely playful and loving, but Chloe loves to cuddle up while Lilac is the rambunctious one. always looking for trouble. She loves to chase the older cat around and teases her relentlessly. She is also extremely protective of her little sister and very often even cleans her coat for her. Thanks again and I tell everyone about you guys!


Chloe and Lilac

Mi Blue Suki Two

This "Mi Blue Suki Two".

I purchased her from you in 1998, she is 14 yrs old.

I am just now sending you a picture....Sorry.. I have to tell you, I did have Siamese growing up, but none as amazing as this cat...I swear she is human.

She is the most loving, intelligent, and affecionate little love.....I want to thank you....

I may be back some time soon for another one.


I am writing to thank you for your help and the cat you sold to my mom, Anne, back in September.

The cat is doing really well. He is a good looking cat. Bright blue eyes. He is very smart. Perfect health.

Cat and mother seem to understand each other. Life is good for both of them as I hope for you and your family as well.

Happy New Year,


Lilah and Georgie

Our two kittens are doing fabulously well. They were spayed on Monday. The procedure went well. The vet says they are "loving life" and doing great.

The kittens are extremely happy, energetic and playful. They seem very happy to have each other and we couldn't be more thrilled with the addition to our family.


I got My-Ling at about 10 weeks, and boy has she grown. Her blue eyes draw in all that meet her.

She is a frisky little kitten, she loves playing with a mitten, she is always batting it into the air. She attacks the Beanie Baby Siamese cat all the time. She climbs to high places and is so people oriented. She loves exploring and is my constant companion.

You breed such fine cats with great personality. My-Ling is a blessing in my life and my families. My brother visited from Florida, and fell in love with her. He told my parents he would have loved to take her home with him. Thank you for this wonderful cat.




Wanted to give you an update on how our little Shasta is adjusting...She is a firecracker, so SMART I can't even believe it! Our big boys accepted her onto their territory with some minor hissing/growling (she actually intimidated them far more than the reverse believe it or not, only one of them hissed/growled, the other would just slink away) which seems to have almost completely stopped a few days ago - They're slowly becoming buddies which is terrific. She knows the lay of the land and was litter/food trained right from the start. Can she eat!!!

She insisted on sleeping in bed with us from her first night - she is ADORABLE. We love her like crazy.

THANK YOU for breeding such a wonderful gal - I know she's just going to get more and more incredible as her personality continues to come out.


I've had my kitten about a month now and I've named him Takun (ta-coon). I just want to thank you for such a wonderful kitten, as I type this now he is sitting on my shoulder and "talking" to me.

He has such a wonderful personality he follows me around everywhere and sleeps with me every night. He has also taken well to his new "brothers" and "sister." He is quite a joy and a purring machine. Thank you so much for letting him into my life, I've included some pictures of him now as you can see his colors are getting darker and is quite the handsome young man.




I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that Zuma is an amazingly smart, wonderful affectionate kitten.

She has adjusted well to life with our 4 year old, our Golden Retriever and our parrot. She and the dog will even drink out of the same bowl together and were able to be "friends" after just 4 days of separation.

She is so loving, cuddly, playful and smart. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for the wonderful kitten!

Jennie, Bill and Emma

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