We can't believe that Alexsa and Tabatha will be with us a year already. We cannot imagine life without them at this point. The seal point, Tabatha is such a baby...you might remember that she was the runt of that litter. Well she isn't a runt now, she is the ruler of the house! When we come home she comes running to greet us, and let us know that she is not pleased that we were not home to let her sit on us. She is into, under, over and through everything and anything. We have to be careful not to lock her in a drawer or closet. Alexsa, the lilac is the sweetest cat. Unlike Tabatha, she is quiet and shy. She talks so softly when you speak to her. Our vet has said such wonderful things about these two, but his most important comment was, "Thank God that someone is doing it right."

"These cats are gorgeous"

Thank you again.
Michael and Arthur

Alexsa and Tabatha

Chula & Lumai

Chula, the blue is an affectionate, playful and adorable, apple head. Lamai is more exotic looking, longer nose, high cheekbones. Also irresistibly charming. A week or so ago she looked a lot like her mother, color-wise. Now she is almost certainly getting some brownish hairs in her points: still very white on her back. A crazy mischief-making imp, also very affectionate. They bring me a lot of joy!


All is well here--the pictures will show everyone's happiness, including my husband reading good night stories to both Ruby and Cocoa Puff.

I adore the little kitty.

Thanks so much!

Cocoa Puff and Ruby


We thank your cattery everyday.

Our Jackson is a healthy, spunky, smart and beautiful blue point male who came to us well cared for by you.

He is loved and has been a blessing and a treasure in our lives everyday. He has become the center of our family conversations as well as in the middle of everyone when we have family get togethers. He is very social. We have no words that could ever represent the meaning he has in our lives.

We love him like crazy. He is such a special addition to our family and loved by all. He brings so much joy to our every day lives.

Thank you for everything you did to make him healthy, happy and well adjusted.

Stephanie and John

Hi Honey,

Thank you for my wonderful, wonderful Mabel.



Mighty Ming Ling Lee & Sweet Willow Lee

Hope you and your family are well. These two beautiful babies are Mighty Ming Ling Lee and half sister Sweet Willow Lee. Ming was the runt that you did a fabulous job with as you can see he is not a runt anymore but rather an Emperor. They are such a joy We love them to pieces. We have moved upstate to Schenectady county, we have a lovely ranch with lots of places for my darlings to look out at the beautiful scenery. Again I want to thank you for my wonderful babies. I’m sure I will be in touch when we are ready for a new baby. Thanks again

Thanks again,

Here is Mimi relaxing for a change.

She is now on my computer helping me e-mail you. She is all over the place.

We love her, she is a joy, she is great love.

Marie and Joe


Taylor and Luna

We just wanted to thank you for bringing our little babies into our world. Luna and Taylor bring us so much joy, they follow us around wherever we go and have so much fun playing with us. After a good romp around the house they like to wrestle and cuddle with each other then Taylor likes to help Luna clean herself after which Luna returns the favor. It’s so nice at the end of the day we all get ready for bed and they snuggle and go to sleep with us. It’s been a couple of months now and they are growing up fast. Everybody that meets them just can’t get over how precious they are. Again we thank you.

Jon and Andre

I have been meaning to send you these pictures for a while now. As you can see Toad is a very handsome cat, what a personality! He walked into this house at 8 weeks as if he owned the place. He hadn't been here more than 2 hours when he figured out how to use the cat door down to the cat boxes in the basement. He bonded with all the animals instantly...especially the dogs. our friends are amazed at how hard he wrestles with our female poodle. When he wants attention he tries to trip you up; for that we call him our "Tippy Toad". He loves to be carried around like a prince; then we call him " The Toad of the Abode", or "Little Lord Toadlington".

You have done a great job of breeding wonderful Siamese. I can't thank you enough for this wonderfully awesome cat!

Astrid and Jon


Zach And Jazzy

Here is a photo of our last kitty Jazzy, that we got sometime in March. She is now about 11 months old, with Zach. What beauties!!!

Jazzy " loves to be very vocal" but, very cuddly.. Playing with her brother's is her specialty and she LOVES to snuggle with Jake and Zach.

Again it 's a pleasure to find a BREEDER like you.

Angela & Bob

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