It’s been almost a year since I left your home. I had my first birthday on September 16th. My humans adore me, even though I’m bossy and I’m always telling them what I want. I’m a talker and I’m quite intelligent. That’s because I come from a good breeder…….. thanks to you.


It's been a little over a month since I bought a kitten from you. I named him Bling.

He is healthy, happy, quite active and a welcomed addition to our family.

He has brought the kitty back into Diamond, our older female Siamese.

Thank you for a wonderful cat,



Here is JAKE at almost 5 month's.

He is a BUNDLE of JOY!!!!!! He eats like there's no TOMORROW! He's a bundle of energy and so cuddly you can't resist him!!

Always getting along with our cats, playing, jumping and going crazy. Oh yeah, he knows how to talk!!!!! We enjoy him so much and we were so lucky to have found a breeder that REALLY cares.

Thank You so much!
Angela & Bob

Luke & Jesse have been with us for one month now. They are affectionate, beautiful and wise little creatures. We can't wait to get home from the office to share in their banter, as they are quite talkative. They love their numerous toys, which take them ten minutes to hide and 2 hours for me to find! They curl up each night and sleep with us, stretching, dreaming and talking in their sleep, about "whatever". Posing in the most adorable way!

Thank you for the nurturing that creates such warm and wonderful personalities in the kittens that you raise

James & Kris

Luke & Jesse

Luke & Jesse

I can't exclaim LOUDLY enough how much we love Luke & Jesse. (Born 12/31/07 Wonder & Major) . Kris & I can't thank you enough for producing such warm & "fun" kitties to share our lives with!! All our friends are "thumbs-up" when it comes to playing with these fellows..

I look @ your website often, and love to see the pictures of the new babies. Their new owners will be greatly rewarded!!

James & Kris

You can see by these pictures just how I am doing.. I am one crazy kitten but I am a LOVE BUG too.. My new parents love me already and yes, they are slowly learning to deal with my idiosyncrasies… I miss my cat momma, but my new human mom is pretty cool. Tell cat momma hello and I just wanted to let you know I am doing great in my new home in Farmingdale.

Mi Machey Jephno
(Dictated to Jennifer)

Mi Machey Jephno

Mickey Blue Eyes

I just wanted to send you some pictures of our Mickey Blue Eyes. He is shy of six months old. His Mom is Missy Ming and his Dad is Bing Bong. He's a very feisty little boy. He loves our velour couch blankets. He loves to play hide and seek. I have taught him how to sit, lay down and give kisses. He won't do them without a guaranteed food payoff though. We love him dearly and love watching him play with his toys. We sometimes wonder how we got along without having him around. He loves to sleep either between my husbands and my pillow or between our legs at night. We couldn't be happier to have him added to our little family. We are mulling over getting another one. We'll see......

Dawn & Anthony

It's been over three years since I purchased little "Mimi SweetPea" (or Peanut as I call her) from you, and it has been a joy having her. She's the sweetest cat in the world. She fetches, chases everything I toss, she jumps into my arms on command, rides on my shoulder, and sleeps by my side under the covers at night. She follows me around like a dog!

I guess the only drawbacks are that she won't go near (even to sniff) dry cat food, and has a voice as loud as a cheerleader at a Jets game when she's on the way to the V-e-t. Oh well! :^)



Jasper & Simon

We can't believe it's more than four years since we brought Jasper and Simon home and we've never regretted a moment. They have turned out to be loving, sweet companions with very quirky and entertaining personalities and very handsome too. Whenever the doorbell rings they both run to see who is coming to visit and give them the attention they deserve. Simon just loves belly scratches and Jasper is partial to head rubs - if they don't get what they want you are certainly sure to hear about it in no uncertain terms.

We would have no second thoughts about recommending you to anyone who would want to be owned by a beautiful Siamese cat (or two). You certainly are the best and most caring breeder in my book. We are always thinking about how lucky we were to find you.

Marcia and Walter

An update on Taji. He is just wonderful. He had his first visit to the vet and my vet was very impressed with him. He said he wished all breeders were as careful as you about the health of their animals.

Taji is definitely a people cat. he loves to curl up with all the family and he loves everyone he meets. He has learned to "fetch" and will play for hours as long as we will throw a mouse. One of his favorite places to curl up is on my crossed legs, under my laptop as I work on it.

He has no fear and will climb, jump, or investigate everywhere. He also loves to be carried around, just like a baby.

We love him very much and are so happy we got him.




This is Zack, he is 7 months old and is smart, cuddly and very purrrrry!!!!! He is the biggest, snuggly kitty you can ever want to hold and soooo loveable.

When I am at the computer he walks all over me wanting to snuggle and purr. This is our second kitty from Mi Cattery and he gets along with Jake like a brother. The are inseparable!! Thank you so very much for the happiness these great kitties give us.

Angela & Bob

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