They are now a little over 9 months old. They are happy, healthy and very bright! Theo likes to speak his mind and Vincent has a dreamy way about him. To say that I love them is an understatement. We have many happy hours together and all fall asleep together. I'm so happy that I purchased them from you. As I am writing to you, they are watching and seem to know this is about them (they are looking real proud).


Vincent & Theo


Our Apple head Siamese, Josie, was lonely and needed some kitten Company. Although we tried, we just could not keep up with this ball of energy. When Isabella came to live with us, it was as though two long lost sisters were reunited. What joy Isabella has brought into our home! Although Josie is her best friend, you can be sure that a human lap is never too far out of Isabella's jump. She brings a smile to the face of everyone around her with her spunk and charm.

I will highly recommend you to all my friends, co workers, etc. Just wanted to thank you again for being so kind.


I've already written you but I have to tell you that she is SUPER smart. She plays catch with fuzzy mice and jumps a few feet in the air and catches them in her paws. She RUNS to the door when we come home screaming hello. She mimics the way we say "hello".

When she realized her kitty toys were in a cabinet, she quickly learned how to open the cabinet herself. We come home and find she dragged every toy out. With a hand signal from my husband Will she'll jump right up into his arms from the floor. She also sleeps under the covers with her head on the pillow like a person. I also take her on walks with a leash, she's excited about the leash and knows it means we're going outside.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing she is. She is 100% not afraid of people. Everyone that meets her thinks she's beautiful and are always amazed at how friendly she is. Cat haters tell me that they hate cats, but like Lucy. I'm a lucky cat owner to have such an amazing girl in my life.


Everything’s been going really well! After going through a bunch of names we both decided that we liked the name Lucy. I don’t know if she’s fully aware that its her name quite yet but she meows every time we say “Lucy”. She is such a sweet cat and we are very happy she is with us. I also wanted to thank you for everything. You were very thorough about all aspects of having a cat and we appreciate it. Its very obvious that you have lots of experience and knowledge in the field.

Thank you!



Maya was taken to the vet's for the first time. She's in perfect condition. She weighs 2 lbs and 8 oz, and she had some shots.

She is perhaps one of the most energetic pets I've ever seen. She's a chocolate point Siamese, and she's just as sweet. She loves to play with her toys, and she follows us wherever we go. She is just 11 weeks old, but she started learning what she can and can't do and she took to our house accepted us as family and is taking to her name very quickly.

She loves us very much and is just one happy kitten.


Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats. Nala has brought nothing but joy and happiness from the very first moment. Nala adores the company of humans. She is by far the most friendly, intelligent cat that I have ever seen. All of my friends, family, and even my veterinarian, have told me how gorgeous and well behaved she is. This good temperament must come from how you raise the kittens at the early stages of their lives, and for that I thank you. If you ever need a referral for another interested customer I would be pleased to give my highest recommendation.




We purchased a lilac Siamese from you (even though we had come for a blue). I think of you often because our little baby from you is just about the best cat we have ever had. She loves everyone! She is funny, lovable, sweet and so very trusting. We must kiss her a hundred times a day and she never minds. She is into everything and gets along great with her furry brother and sister! She is long and very lean and petite. We love her dearly and thank you a million times for her!!! You were right we took the right kitten-she is the absolute BEST!!

Karen and Paul

Salome is AMAZING. She is a star amongst all my friends and is so social and loving with anyone she meets. I honestly can't imagine my life without her. She has SUCH a personality and meows, purrs, plays, cuddles in her own special ways. She is GORGEOUS and her fur has gotten so soft and full. I've taken her to the vet for her shots and everyone always compliments her and my vet (who is wonderful) says she's gorgeous.




Such a fine specimen, don't cha think? (not that I’m prejudice, mind you!) He is such a sweet little affectionate boy who shows his love so easily……and frequently I love him so much. I could not love him more, believe me. I’ve taken to calling him SPIDER-MAN as he is so adept in his climbing, jumping, flying that he definitely reminds me of SPIDER-man….hilarious! I do believe that HE believes that he actually has WINGS!

My little Spencer definitely knows who his mommy is and that thrills me to NO end. When he’s played hard for an hour or two, he comes to my lap or my neck & “cuddles in” which AGAIN thrills me. What’s unbelievable to me is that he is WITHOUT A DOUBT, my DREAM CAT-COME TRUE. He is POSITIVELY EVERYTHING I would have DREAMED of in a baby cat- everything I ever hoped for is Spencer personified. I MEAN it !!! He is funny, LOVING, happy, warm and so friendly!!! He loves & KNOWS who his mommy is…I am in totally and complete AWE of this tiny creature…I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like without him in it.


This is Cleo, my six month old Siamese princess from Athens, New York. She perches high on my shoulder while waiting for her meals. She prances about with her toys in her mouth and best of all, she scales my stair banister like is was a tree. She is amazing…

She thinks she is part kangaroo, part bird and a race car kitty. She goes like a streak. It is tough getting a picture of her.


Zoe Pericles
Not from Mi Cattery but Zoes best friend

Zoe is such a wonderful, bright sweet kitten, and a good climber too. She just walked right in to all of our hearts. It's a perfect fit. Pericles is so protective of her when they're not playing. She meows and he comes running to see if she needs anything. I'm so proud of him. She's feisty and lovable and we can't be happier. She's been sleeping in bed with us. Usually curled up under my chin. They're very happy together and she's just delightful. When she's cuddling with me under the covers, he goes nuts looking for her. Of course they fight (playfully) but it's just a wonderful match. People I've showed that picture to, thought I had posed them. We're very happy with her. She's a perfect fit into our family.


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