As you can tell he is right at home here! Mornings have become hazardous around here as Abraham tries to beat us down the stairs by tackling our feet! lol! We are soooo pleased that you allowed us to adopt him. He can be so laid back one moment and the next under your feet wanting ALL your attention. He is such a clown. We love him sooo much! . Thanks for such a GREAT cat!

He is a real heat hog!! He thinks that he must sleep with us every night. He is not content to sleep on top of the he has to be under the covers curled right up next to you!! Any place that is warm is fair game for him!! He LOVES to snuggle in clothes fresh from the dryer.....even if it means laying on the table!! He looks at me as if to say "What?!! You put them here!!" He is the love of our life and we are very happy with our boy!!

Lori& Don Johnson


Casper & Cinnamon

The new babies are a blessing to the family, Toby gets alone with them great he thinks they are his babies now and does a great job with them. Casper, the male will cry and Toby will come running for him to make sure he is OK. The girl I named Cinnamon, she will play with Toby all day if he let her, it only took less than a week for them to get alone and now are one happy family. Thank you so much for my new babies.


Coco and Pebbles are 1 today. They are outgoing and very loving. Coco is constantly grooming Pebbles. Coco is very pretty, and graceful. She favors my son the most. She follows him anywhere he goes. She meows for him constantly, and sleeps with him.

Pebbles on the other hand is very cute and not very graceful at all. She is slender and lightweight. Her face is slimmer and pointier. When I speak to Pebbles she always responds . Pebbles is very mischievous, always into things. She is very determined to get what she wants. If she wants you to pick her up, she will stay underneath you and climb on you until you give in. If she doesn't want to be held, there is no holding her. When she is tired she is like a little baby, you must pick her up and hold her or rest her on your lap and she falls right asleep.

They fit into our family so well. We all love them so much.


Cocoa & Pebbles


Dolly at 5 months is now able to reach any high shelf or surface of any kind, including the favorite hiding places of my 16-plus-year-old Burmese who prefers to have a lot of down time. But they are making progress and Dolly can be very affectionate with the old girl, as long as she gets her way most of the time. Yes, she is gorgeous. And as you warned me, very mischievous, but lots of fun. She is really a take-charge kind of girl. She'll see my vet for the second time, and spaying, next month. Congratulations on turning out kittens that are a credit to the breed.

They fit into our family so well. We all love them so much.


Gabby and Byron are doing great. Please know that we are very very satisfied customers, you breed wonderful, loving, happy, healthy cats.

Both Byron and Gabby have adjusted beautifully to our home and make us laugh every day. Byron as you predicted is our love-bug – he asks to be picked up and hugged. His favorite game is “catch the mouse toy” – he will jump up, catch the small mouse toy and bring in back to us – so very smart. Bryon gets goofy when he finds a lap that is empty – he rolls around, flops his head on your chest and looks so happy.

Gabby is our talker and she is well on her way to becoming the alpha cat in the house. It is so funny to see little Gabby bossing our old Simon around – both of the boys defer to “Empress Gabby” !

Gabby loves to sit on our shoulders and of course she will provide a running commentary on whatever you are doing She is a feisty, affectionate, daring, lovable little princess. If anyone is ever looking for a recommendation for Mi Cattery – have them call us.

They are well loved cats – thank you again.





We just wanted to let you know that Isaiah is doing very well. He's very happy & loving & adores all the attention he's been getting. He is such a love-bug

Liz & Matt

She is turning more and more brown by the day! Thanks so much for such a wonderful kitten - she is loving and playful. she loves to curl up and go to sleep on my lap or on my face. she really is the most lovable creature I have ever met!

She is the best companion I could have asked for. Kasha is incredibly loving and devoted to her mommy! Every morning I wake up with her curled up on my face. When she wakes up, she smothers me in kisses for about 30 minutes. She is very playful and she loves to follow her mommy and daddy around the house. Kasha loves to watch the birds outside the window and chase down bugs. She comes running when I call her name, and if i pick her up and say "give mommy kisses," she kisses my chin.

Thank you again for the best kitten in the whole world!

Anne & Mark


Mi Stella Blue

Hi Honey, Well it's been 2 weeks and Stella now rules the house as you can see in the picture. She is wonderful!!! You were right, she sleeps in the bed under the covers and has to be touching you. Stella loves my 3 year old grandson Sam. He will sit on the floor with her and roll a ball for her to chase. Will keep in touch..


Mr. Willoughby is exactly 7 months today. He's an absolute joy 99% of the time - and he redeems himself the other 1%. A month or so ago, he "borrowed" one of my favorite gold hoop earrings, and despite all efforts to find where he stashed it, I couldn't. Amazingly, one morning when he awakened me (and he always does), the earring was in the palm of my hand. (Because he likes to play fetch, I often am gifted with some treasure he wants me to pitch.) . Needless to say, I dashed to my jewelry box to confirm my good fortune and then threw him his furry mouse instead. Given his discernable taste, I think he might have preferred to keep the jewelry.... Mr. Willoughby makes every day a new experience for me. I am thrilled to have him.


Mr. Willoughby


Skipper is such a joy and I love him so much! He is now 9 months old and I am so glad to have him in my life. He is truly a little character that demands all of my attention. Sometimes he even behaves like a puppy with his fetching skills and licking of my shoulder. He is extremely affectionate and loving. He loves to be picked up and given lots of kisses and to sleep closely by my side every night. I never had cats in my life and now I cannot believe what I was missing all of those years. Skipper is a beautiful addition to my life and family. Thank you for breeding such an incredible little creature.


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