Just a note to let you know my little guy's name is Bailey. He is a great joy, so sweet, and a real love. He meets me at the door when I come home and he really is a good little scamp! He gets into everything and has grown so much in such a short time. He doesn't have that loud Siamese voice (yet?) but is quite a talker--though sometimes it's just an open mouth. He loves his toys and running around like he's in a race. He loves the computer and is sitting on my shoulder right now. I can't imagine life without him! Thanks for such a wonderful kitten! Bailey is a year old now--He is still a great joy. He's quite a conversationalist with dozens of voices and sounds. He makes me laugh constantly--making the bed takes an extra 10 minutes for laughing at his antics. He thinks he can fly, doing acrobatic routines, scaling the highest spaces in the house and once jumping over the glass shower doors into my shower. Boy were we both surprised!


Bao Mojo
Not from Mi Cattery but certainly a great looking cat!

He's too cute for words. I think his name will be Bao (pronounced "Beau") which means treasure in Chinese. He's the best birthday present and makes me feel like it's my birthday every day. He's getting cuter every day and I think I'm going to have to get him a brother. You wouldn't believe how much he's grown. Can you believe the size of him? He's a star! I'm not at all unhappy with my PURCHASE. Would I ever be unhappy with this? I'm thrilled to tears. He's too cute and growing like a weed, eats like I haven't fed him in a week and he's got more energy than I can handle.


Jethro is just so wonderful; he has such a sweet disposition and a bit of the devil in him as well. He thinks anything he can carry in his mouth is his. We’ve had to put a lot of things out of his reach.

While he loves to torture our other cat, they really do love each other. I have to tell you as well that, much like the other cats on your website, he is FASCINATED by the tub, shower and water in general. We can’t imagine our life before he joined our family.

Ann and Jay



We picked up Kato a few days before Christmas. Every moment since has been the most wonderful experience of owning a perfect cat from a wonderful and caring breeder. Kato is a healthy, active, loving cat. He has been bred by what I can honestly say is a woman who cares about the interaction of the cat and the owner. Kato comes from experience and love. He has been a bundle of joy for us and our other two cats. Every one who meets him asks where did we get such a perfect treasure. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Siamese to visit Mi Cattery.


Hi, my name is Messina. My brother, Reggio, adores me. So do Jim and Steve, our two humans. Everyone says I’m snooty. I bat my beautiful, blue eyes and purr loud. My brother’s a really cool cat. He loves to snuggle with humans and ride on their shoulders. He’s goofy. And as you can see, I am the princess. We love Jim and Steve, our wonderful companions. Honey, thank you for bringing these wonderful people into our lives.

Messina Maria and Reggio

Messina Maria and Reggio


We are so delighted with Mimi beyond our expectations. For someone who grew up with dogs, I can truly say she is as affectionate as any dog I ever had. It is so much fun to play with her. And she is delicious when she plays with her toys. She has brought much laughter to our lives, and she has such a calming affect on us, that if this form of "therapy" gets out, I will be out of business!!!

Our Vet, too, was impressed with her condition, looks and temperament.

Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives.

Linda and Dan

For the last 35 years, my husband, children and I have had many Siamese. We have never had one with the terrific personality of Paulie. He loves to be with people as well as with our other Siamese cat. They are almost always together and follow each other everywhere. They sleep together, they eat together and just hang out together. When my husband is home, Paulie follows him everywhere and loves to watch him do work around the house, such as carpentry, painting, etc. When the time comes for us to get another kitten, we will come back to you. Everyone who meets Paulie, falls in love with him and threaten to steal him from us, including our Veterinarian. Thank you for breeding such wonderful cats and for having the kind of website that attracted us to you.


Paulie Walnuts


Shabu has grown up to be a beautiful cat. He is the love of our lives. He is affectionate, playful and smart. Most of all he loves people. You are his creator, hats off to you ! We are head - over - heels in love with him. Do you think he looks like his father? He is sure dark as his father. As big as Shabu is he still snuggles in bed with us. He does not like to sleep in his own bed, very social creature.


Our kitten, Sterling, is nearly full grown and is truly a joy. He has taken extremely well with our older cat Knobbie. Knobbie has turned somewhat “motherly” to Sterling and always keeps an eye on the little devil. It seems that they are always either snuggled up together or chasing each other frantically about the house.

Sterling’s eyes continue to be as bright blue as ever and he seems to be a real fan of burrowing under our bed covers to hide and sleep. He has little fear of water and always darts into the shower when we are done to play with any puddles that are left behind.

We must say that we are extremely glad we picked him and he has proven to be a great companion to Knobbie. We are thinking of adding a chocolate or lilac in the future. If the new addition is anything like Sterling, it will be a real joy to our home.

Brian & Tamara



Your baby is doing great. His name is Sushi. He has the most wonderful temperament! I don’t have a complaint about him. We’ve put soft claws on his nails, (he tolerates them so well). He sleeps in bed with us every night, follows me around everywhere and listens to commands better than any dog I’ve ever had. Whenever my husband tries to kiss me and Sushi is on my lap, Sushi grabs my husbands face with his paws and bites him. It’s so funny. If you ever need a reference (which I know you don’t), I’ll be glad to give it!

I’m so glad to have done business with you, thank you.


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