The receptionist at the animal hospital asked for my breeders name, she had an interested client, I gave her your name. I am completely in love with Mario. My vet loves him also. Thank you for my handsome little man.


Baby MaryJenna

Baby MaryJenna is 4.6 pounds of sweet mischief. Her favorite pastime is cuddling with Mario, slapping the tail of our 96 pound German shepherd or critiquing the seasons best fruit with her own personal taste test.



Baby MaryJenna


We named our little lilac female Luna. I am so fortunate to have her. She wants to be loved all the time. She loves me and my kids and is happy to greet everyone that enters my home. I am happy that I found you, a fine breeder of Siamese cats, and I want to thank you for raising such beautiful kittens. If you ever need a reference for someone buying a kitten, please let me know. Luna is 5 now and I wanted you to see just how beautiful she really is. She is absolutely the best. I adore her and want you to know that I continue to be grateful that I purchased her from you.


Everyone who comes to our door is met with a personal greeting... I have had many cats in my life but never one like Lucy.... Just wanted to let you know how much we all love her.

Linda, Doug, Craig and Jaclyn


Romeo & Julius

They are growing, very active... full of antics... I am very happy with Romeo and Julius,... they bring joy and laughter into my life....


Maxwell & Miki... My vet said I really lucked out... I know it is because of the way you raise your cats. If anyone has doubts let them call me... I am doubly blessed.... thanks for these beautiful babies.


Maxwell & Miki

Jaspurr and Sinbad

A picture update on Jaspurr and Sinbad. Don't let the picture fool you. They are not as angelic as they look. Although they are pretty fluffy, purry, affectionate, cuddly and lovable. They are a joy to behold. I do not know how they will both fit in my lap when they get bigger. They think everything belongs to them and because they are so cute they get away with a lot.


Tasha is amazing to us. She has a hundred different voices and "talks" constantly unless she is sleeping. She is snuggly and cuddly and a great lap cat. She retrieves little balls and places them at your feet. She loves to play and demands it every day. She loves Christmas and understands presents since she gets some every year. We also celebrate her birthday. We love her and cannot imagine this household without her. She is such a fun, little companion. We could go on forever and just wanted you to know how eternally grateful we are to have Natasha in our lives

Anne & Mark



This picture does not do our little guy justice. He is so handsome. However he thinks he is a "king"! We are enjoying him so much.... especially my daughter Gina. Thank you again for our little guy. He was certainly worth the wait.

Dave, Lori, Gina & Julia

In December 2000, we purchased a kitten from your cattery. You had so many beautiful kittens, we had a very difficult time... we chose Tiki because he kept clinging to us right from the start… we can't begin to tell you how happy we are with him.... he is the most affectionate kitten we have ever owned... our vet just loves him also.... thank you for such a wonderful pet. If we ever decide on more cats we will definitely call you and recommend you to our friends.

Roger & Janice



Sam is about to have his first birthday. He loves his human family. He must be with us all the time, not just "with us", but on top of us. If I fall asleep, I wake up with him sleeping on top of me. His favorite perch is Lucy's lap. He has a wonderful nature and loves our son. They constantly play together chasing each other through the house. One surprising thing about Sam is that not only does he have no fear of water, but he seems fascinated by it. In fact he loves to walk around the edge of the bathtub (and has fallen in on a couple of occasions). One time he even jumped under the shower with me! He even has to be on the bathroom sink while we clean our teeth. We wonder constantly wondering what Sam will do next; he has mastered opening cupboards, attempted to open the kitchen drawers, removes stuffed toys from our son's room and places them in his stroller, and now is acting as my alarm clock. I wish he didn't learn the latter.

Lucy & Greg

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